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Books / Monographs

"Transition Metal Oxides, Surface Chemistry and Catalysis," H. H. Kung, Elsevier Science Publ., Amsterdam, 1989, 282 pp. ISBN 0 444 87394 5.

"Catalyst Modification - Selective Oxidation Processes," B. Delmon, H. Kung, Y. Moro-Oka, and J. Cihonski, Catalytica Study, Catalytica Inc., 1991, 331 pp.

"Methanol Production and Uses," W.H. Cheng and H.H. Kung, edited, Marcel Dekker, 1994, 326 pp. ISBN 0-8247-9223-8

ACatalysis and Photocatalysis on Metal Oxides: Recent Developments,@ U.S. Ozkan and H.H. Kung, guest editors, Catalysis Today, vol. 33, nos. 1-3, 1997.

A Oxide Catalysts,@ Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 64, no. 2, 1996, H.H. Kung, guest editor.

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